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Coronavirus Update

Drop-ins, advice services, and other sources of support that our clients rely on are closing, or offering reduced services. Shops are being stripped of food, nappies, and sanitary products. Our clients are often extremely insecurely housed, and worry that panic about virus transmission will mean that they are thrown out. Our clients feel frightened, and helpless – and disappointed, that having worked so hard to make progress in their asylum and immigration claim, and build a life in the UK, they risk losing it all.

Over the past week, we have managed to remodel all of our services to reduce social contact while ensuring that the most vulnerable get what they need: through cash grants, through working through the delivery of food parcels, and through the provision of advice and support over the telephone and online. We know that social contact is so much part of why people are connected in AFRIL and self isolation is difficult. We miss connecting with each other. We are looking at innovative ways of keeping our project partners, volunteers and clients in touch so we all stay positive and mentally well, and are ready to start up again as soon as restrictions are lifted.

We know that it our current measures are likely to change and evolve, along with government guidance. As a community and client focussed organisation, we are committed to remaining open, and being flexible and imaginative in our service provision. We are asking you, as members of our community, to support us in this.

If you are able to offer financial support, you can do so here: Otherwise, please contact us on with any ideas you might have about supporting the most vulnerable in our community.