Advice & Advocacy

We offer non-judgemental professional advice in the following areas:

    Housing and Welfare Advice

    Our advice workers can assist you with mainstream housing and welfare issues, applying for benefits and local authority grants, as well as assisting you to find hosting schemes and emergency accommodation. We can help to find pro bono housing solicitors to assist our service users who are facing Illegal evictions, landlord harassment and evictions under Section 8 and Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.

    No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) and Section 17

    Our Advice Outreach Officer can assist destitute migrant families to approach their local authority for housing and subsistence support under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989. She can inform families of their rights and entitlements, help to prepare evidence, help to access legal support from community care solicitors and provide ongoing casework support.

    Asylum Support

    Our advice workers can assist service users to apply for Section 95 and Section 4 Asylum Support as well as assist with Maternity Grants for parents seeking asylum.

    Access to Education

    At AFRIL we can assist refugees, asylum seekers and migrants to access compulsory, further and higher education as well as ESOL classes. We can assist families with referring their children to educational support and mentoring schemes.

    Please Note: our advice workers will do their best to advise you on the issues above, however where specialist support is needed or we have limited capacity we may refer you to other frontline organisations.