Legal Advice

We offer non-judgemental professional advice in the following areas:


    Refugees and asylum seekers disproportionately suffer from health problems due to poverty and isolation. At AFRIL we help refugees with health advice so they can find where to go when they or their children are unwell or suffering.


    Many refugees are not aware of the benefits and help they are entitled to when seeking work and caring for their families. This is often due to lack of information and language barriers. At AFRIL we help refugees apply for benefits, crisis loans, allowances and more.

    Work and employment

    Employment can help refugees to integrate effectively in the community, provide for themselves and their families and improve overall wellbeing with a sense of purpose and contribution. At AFRIL we help refugees find work and experience, as well as helping them to gain the skills they need for employment.

    Consumer concerns

    Knowing our rights as consumers and individuals is something most people take for granted. Coming to a new country where many products are new or different and there is a language barrier can make things difficult for refugees and asylum seekers. At AFRIL we aim to help with these problems.


    Both adult and child education are an important foundation for life. At AFRIL we not only provide education services ourselves, we also help refugees to find places they can learn and improve their lives.


    Having shelter and somewhere you can cook, as well as security, are important factors for any life. At AFRIL we ensure refugees in Lewisham are able to take advantage of this basic human right.

    Legal Advice in Immigration

    Immigration forms and citizen status can be long and complicated. At AFRIL our experts help refugees to apply for citizenship and refugee status, as well as ensuring they are living within the law.