Academic Achievements

Our school is focussed on providing our students with the opportunities to develop their English and Maths skills so they can access the curriculum in their mainstream school.

Academic Achievements 2016-17

Primary schools have a pivotal role to play (Save the Children, 2012).  Even small improvements, at this young age, will reverberate throughout the lives of our students and have an enormous impact on future attainment.  Below are the achievements of our students for the last academic year.


Based on Oxford Owl (Writing and Literacy) Assessments……

  • 86% of our students have improved their writing and literacy skills…
  • ……with all Reception and Year 4and pupils improving.
  • At the beginning of 2016/17 only 50% of all pupils were ‘not yet working at year group standard’. By the end of2016/17 this was reduced to 25%.
  • All of our Year 4and pupils assessed attained a ‘secure’ level in literacy by the end of the year – a tremendous achievement for this demographic.


  • Based on numeracy tests throughout 2016/17; 92% of pupils in Years 1, 2 and were achieving the expected level of numeracy at the end of the year……
  • ……with almost 1/5 of pupils achieving a level of numeracy ‘beyond expectation’.
  • …..50% of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils were achieving the expected level of numeracy at the end of the year…..
  • …..with almost 20% of pupils achieving a level of numeracy ‘beyond expectation’